Winter project is over

Winter project is over

From February 5 to 14, in Tankhoi village, which is on the shores of Lake Baikal, the first GBT volunteer project this year took place.

Participants of the winter project “Snows of the Baikal Reserve” can be called the most courageous and desperate volunteers – without being afraid of forty-degree Siberian frosts (which, to be honest, were hard even for us Siberians), volunteers from Moscow, Samara, Shchelkovo, Nizhny Novgorod, Lytkarino, Sibai, Melbourne (Australia) and Vienna (Austria) arrived in severe Siberia to get acquainted with the winter Baikal and provide assistance to the Baikal nature reserve.

During 10 days in the reserve, volunteers have done a lot of things:
• cleaning the snow on wooden trails,
• making a general cleaning in the visitor centers,
• developing and conducting a lesson for pupils of the local school on the eco-professions theme,
• building several benches in the carpentry workshop (and then they solemnly installed a couple of them on
a new trail),
• wrapping juniper bushes to protect fragile plants from the bright Baikal sun,
• testing the quest invented for the young guests of the reserve,
• sharing with the reserve their ideas for children’s activities and souvenirs.

The Baikal nature reserve is always warmly greets the GBT volunteers. There was no exception this time. The volunters visited the most interesting excursion to the nature museum with an honorary worker of the reserve Nikolai Nikolayevich. We looked at amazing photos and listened to stories that take breath away of the wonderful wildlife photographer Alexei Bezrukov. They joyfully went for a walk through the snow-covered taiga on hunting skis made from camus. They took a great steam in the bania, and after that, especially brave ones even bathed in snowdrifts.

And, in honor of Sagaalgan, – the Buryat New Year – they learned how to prepare buuzes – the Buryat national dish. They tested the Sacher cake – the very chocolate sweetness, for which numerous tourists go to the Austrian capital. They listened to a harmonica concert, to poems and fairy tales of their own composition. They played in the brain-ring game, having learned a lot of interesting facts about the Samara Bow and the Zhiguli Mountains. They understood that the history of a small town near Moscow may be no less interesting than the history of a capital city (the main thing is the ability to beautifully present!). They saw that the work of geologists-prospectors is not only dangerous and difficult, but also cheerful and romantic. They crunched Togliatti dryings (the most delicious ones in Russia) and tasted TimTam – the favorite cookies of Australian kids.

In general, there were so many cases, events and adventures on the project that we can’t remember everything!

We would like to express our gratitude to the Baikal Nature Reserve and its workers for their hospitality, goodwill and interesting tasks.

And, of course, a big, big thanks to our volunteers for their help, enthusiasm, new ideas and for the fact that every minute of our project was filled with sense!

The project was implemented using the Presidential grant for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.