The GBT winter project on Olkhon Island is completed!

The winter project “The Island in the Ice”, which was held from March 4 to 13, is completed, and 10 volunteers have already gone home: some to Moscow, some to St. Petersburg, some to Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg, and some of them have to return to France and even to Australia. Now we are going to tell what the project was filled with. On the first day of the project there was a hike to Baikal; the main attractions of Old Angasolka are ice, tunnels, bridges of the #CBR (Circum-Baikal Railway). On the second day we had the road to the Olkhon Island and the ice crossing. At this time, the “Blue Ice” music festival is taking place in Khuzhir. Upon arrival, the volunteers immediately become participants of the festival – they improvised on the scene, participated in the performance. It’ was very unusual and positive experience! On the third day we had festive celebrations – the participants made an effigy of Maslenitsa, learned folk songs and danced, dressed in costumes, baked pancakes, enjoyed themselves and entertained others.

On the fourth day there was ice skating next to the Shamanka rock. After that, the volunteers were preparing classes at the local school, studying the animals to tell children about them afterwards. And also every evening the volunteers organized meetings with stories about home cities and traveling around the world. On the fifth day we had an excursion to the island Kharantsy, and further on the ice to Khoboy Cape. This day we celebrated the 8th of March. On the sixth and seventh day, together with artists Ekaterina Shramko, Elena Tolmacheva and Nikolai Ivanov, the volunteers adorned the walls of the primary school in Khuzhir. They drew animals that live in Baikal region. During two days we had covered two floors. The process brought us a great pleasure, and the result was pleased. On the eighth day the volunteers conducted a class on “Biodiversity” in the Khuzhir secondary school with pupils in grades 5, 6 and 7. The last day, on the island we watched the most beautiful sunset. And the next day the group left for Irkutsk. On the tenth day of the project, a visit to the office of the Pribaikalsky National Park was planned, the territory of which the volunteers visited in frames of the project. On the last day, everyone drank tea with a cake at the GBT hostel and joyed a holiday celebration of the project. Thank you very much for your participation! The GBT winter project was held using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.