Winter projects

Winter projects at Lake Baikal

The goal of our overall program is: to render volunteer assistance to the Russian national parks and other protected areas, so as to help develop a strong foundation for eco-tourism in our region.

In essence we want to make it so that Baikal can attract visitors at any time of year. Usually, during our summertime projects, we ask our volunteers to help build trails and other structures for hikers to use around the lake; and then in winter we lead a number of indoors eco-education projects around the lake.

During winter projects, our volunteers will get a chance to meet a number of our local nature-lovers and leading environmentalists. At the same time, you as a volunteer will be able to make an important and practical contribution to our movement to protect Lake Baikal—namely by helping us create the Great Baikal Trail, and also by making it possible for us to improve and deliver our local educational and interpretive programs for visitors to the lake.

Some of the activities you can be engaged in during our winter projects are:

1) designing a new information signs ;

2) designing booklets;

3) teaching local school students in the villages about the importance of preserving our environment etc.