International Education Exhibition

The GBT Association took part in an international education exhibition held on January 27, 2019 at the Ibis Hotel in Irkutsk.

The event was organized by the Wilhelm von Humboldt German Center.

The GBT specialists and volunteers told visitors about our activities and how knowledge of foreign languages opens new doors on the GBT projects.

“Foreign languages at Baikal” – this was one of the themes of the exhibition where the GBT also was given the floor.

This is what we said: “There are many tourists at Baikal, including many who come to us for GBT projects.

Since 2003, for a long time, the GBT has been the only opportunity to visit Lake Baikal with interest for foreigners.

In order to receive foreigners on projects, the GBT Association conducts courses of translators, after which the you can go to a project for a two-week immersion into intercultural communication, into language. For active volunteers and translators of the GBT, the opportunities of foreign internships are wider – the practice of a foreign language. ”

At the end of spring, the GBT will launch free GBT courses of translators, stay tuned.