В офисе

In the Office

 Volunteer in our Office!

The Great Baikal Trail, as a non-profit organization, relies almost entirely on volunteer work for its continued existence and development. We therefore welcome volunteers from Russia and abroad who wish to help us in our Irkutsk office. Volunteers come from all across the globe, often having received funding from organizations such as European Volunteer Services (EVS), Rotary International, or an institution of higher learning. While here, they not only provide valuable, indispensable, and highly rewarding service to the organization, but also to local communities, and future volunteers on projects! No knowledge of Russian is required to make a difference – send us an email if you’d like to find out more about how you can help the Great Baikal Trail continue to thrive!

 Our volunteers can work on:

• finding grants and other funding opportunities for summer and educational projects
• writing and editing information for our English language website
• teaching English classes for our Russian volunteers (this is really important – the better we know English, the better we can serve an international community!)
• translation of educational and promotional materials from Russian into English
• preparation of environmental education materials, both for projects and for development of an environmentally-friendly mindset in communities in and around Baikal
• participate in environmental activism movements run by the GBT club
• assist the day-to-day operations of the GBT office and GBT club
• increasing knowledge of environmental issues and solutions, both in Russia and worldwide
• study Russian and other subjects at Irkutsk State University
• and much more….

all while gaining a unique opportunity to live in Irkutsk, explore the wonders of Siberia and Lake Baikal, and experience Russian culture firsthand!!!

To join us or request more information, email projects@greatbaikaltrail.org