In the Wilderness of Khamar-Dabana -1

The next project has moved today from the courtyard of the GBT Hostel! This time the volunteers and their commanders go to the Siberian “jungle” – into the wilderness of the marvelous mountain range of Khamar-Daban …

The project “In the Wildernass of Khamar-Daban – 1” will be held on the territory of the Baikalsky Nature Reserve, in the forests in two kilometers from the Tankhoi village, on the riverside of the Osinovka. It will last 14 days. During the project, the volunteers will need to build a new trail, as well as build fortifications on a damp slope.

Khamar-Daban was called the Siberian “jungle” not without a reason, because the humidity in this region is much higher than anywhere else in the Baikal Region. Therefore, the trail must be made at the highest level! We believe in guys and support them.

Good luck!