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Below you can see a description of a few trails that Great Baikal Trail volunteers participated in building over the past few years. This section is under development and eventually there will be new descriptions and maps.

Information and booklets are available for free, and construction of the trails is carried out by volunteers. We would be happy for your help!

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Names of trails

Short description

Listvianka – Bolshie KotyRead a detailed descriptionA large part of this trail, which stretches about 24 kilometers in total, passes along the coast of Lake Baikal. The difficulty level of this trail is moderate. As you hike along this trail you will be able to see an incredible view of the lake and its opposite shore. Approximate time to complete this trail is 5-8 hours each way.
Bolshie Koty – Bolshoe GoloustnoeRead a detailed descriptionWe recommend 2 days to complete this trail. This trail is very picturesque, but you must be very careful. Due to the loose terrain of the coast, a few parts of this trail have been destroyed, and it is necessary to go down to the stony beach to avoid these parts of the trail.
The Wilderness of Khamar-DabanRead a detailed descriptionThis trail is located on the territory of the Baikal Nature Reserve and gives you an opportunity to pass from the taiga foothills almost to the base of the Khamar-Daban in a short amount of time.
Olkhinskie RocksRead a detailed descriptionThis trail, noteworthy for its bizarre rock formations, is on the territory of the Shelekhovski Forest. Skalniki Bityaz and Idol are the most popular and accessible formations to visit. This is the perfect route for a day trip.
Trail of the Holy Mountain of Bolshoe GoloustnoeRead a detailed descriptionIf you are in Bolshoe Goloustnoe, you must make a trip to the Holy Mountain. Approximate time from the village is 1.5 hours each way.


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