Corporate Volunteering

Corporate Volunteering


 Building and Reconstruction of Eco-trails

 Clearing the spring (2-3 day project)

 Building structures on the trails (stairs, bridges)

Eliminating inscriptions on rocks (“John was here”)

Closing spontaneous trails made by visitors (“Don’t go here, go here”)

Marking trails


Number of Days: 1-3

Season: June to October

Structure of the programs: alternating between active work and interactive assignments

What happens:

* Taking part in socially-useful action

* Switching from sedentary work in the office to corporate rest

* Joint participant involvement and the creation of a friendly atmosphere with informal communication

* Overcoming psychological barriers between participants

* The opportunity for participants to get to know each other better and see from a new perspective

* Concrete, visible results

The structure and itinerary of the program are flexible and can be changed upon request.

Example of a team building training program for 1 day:

Group: Up to 30 people

Price: Upon Request

8-00 – Departure from Irkutsk.

10-30 – Arrival in Bolshoye Goloustnoye, small snack

11-00 – Brief presentation of GBT activities.

11-30 – Introduction to work, briefing on “TB,” starting work on the trail *

12-30 – Break

12-45 – Continuing work on the trail

14-00 – Lunch

15-00 – Program section (team-building / eco-education game)

15-30 – Work on the arrangement of the trail area * under the guidance of the specialist “BBT”

17-30 – Snacking

18-00 – Presentation of certificates on the construction of the “Great Baikal Trail”

18-30 – Departure from the Greater Gostochny

21-00 – Arrival to Irkutsk

We can develop a team-building training program for 2 days upon your request.

* Scope of work on the trail: clearing the corridor of the trail / extension of the canvas of the trail to improve safety conditions.

MOO “GBT” provides all the inventory: tools, gloves, bonfire equipment.