List of personal belongings that we recommend that you bring

If you don’t want your stay here to be overshadowed by small annoyances or shortcomings, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with this list.

In other words, this list contains things, the lack of which could significantly complicate your participation in our trail projects.


Please, if you are simply used to traveling with a suitcase on wheels, we recommend that you try something new. In essence, it’s really impossible to participate in our projects without using a good-sized backpack. The recommended sizes range from 60-90 liters in capacity, depending on each project site.


Sleeping mat

We recommend that you bring a sleeping mat made of foamed polymers, with thermal insulating properties. In Siberia, this might not be a bad idea.


Sleeping bag

You might want to get ahold of a sleeping bag with modern synthetic fillers. Our recommended temperature for comfort would be about 32 F (or zero Celsius). Best to bring a lightweight bag that will tip the scales at only 1 to 1 ½ pounds.



Hiking boots (better to bring boots that you’ve already broken in)

Also bring a spare pair of tennis shoes or sandals

Rubber or other type of waterproof boots

For some projects (i.e., our Stars of Balan-Tamur and our Khamar Daban projects), it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that you bring rubber boots or some sort of waterproof footwear.

   Power Bank
 Eating Utensils


Small bowl





Small towel

 Waterproof jacket or raincoat
 Other warm things

Sweater or pullover

Warm cap

Rugged pants


At night, in your tent, it can be easier to settle down to sleep if you have a light to arrange everything. A headlamp obviously allows you to leave your hands free.

 Personal pharmacy items

This depends on your own regime of pills and vitamins.

Please note that all project sites are equipped with general first aid kits.

 A small sewing kit

You never know when you might split a seam out here in the middle of nowhere.

 Protection against the sun


Dark Glasses

Cap or hat

 Mosquito netting(You might not need it – but it could save you from swatting at random flies or mosquitoes)

Bio-degradable soap

Please note that our projects use only biodegradable soap for washing up. It would also be great if the shampoo and soaps that you bring are also bio-degradable, or harmless to the environment.

Your own tent?

We supply tents for all volunteers for each trail project. Our tents accommodate two people—so if, for example, we have 12 volunteers at a site, then we will bring 7 tents (6 for the volunteers + 1 for storing our food). Please, if you prefer to sleep alone, without a tent-mate, then you will need to bring your own tent. Of course, if you are tall (i.e., over 5 foot ten, or 180 cm), then you might bring your own tent with somewhat longer dimensions.