Transfer of GBT experience to Trans-Baikal Region

Specialists of the “Great Baikal Trail” visited the national park “Alkhanay” of the Trans-Baikal Region. Natalya Ivanova and Natalia Tuguthonova held a three-day seminar on the topic “Initial Training for Specialists in the Building and Reconstruction of Trails and Working with Volunteers”.

The event was attended by representatives of protected areas from different parts of the Trans-Baikal Region – the “Alkhanai” National Park, “Daursky” Nature Reserve, “Chikoi” National Park, “Sokhondinsky” Nature Reserve, the directorate of the PAs of the Trans-Baikal Region, as well as members of the “Buyan” volunteer team.

The seminar consisted of such topics as the economic benefits of ecotourism, the classification of trails and the technologies for their construction, work with volunteers, the organization and conduct of volunteer projects, interpretation and many others.

We hope that the knowledge gained during the course will be useful for PA staff in the development of educational tourism in their protected areas!

Many thanks to all who took part in the seminar! Many thanks to colleagues from the “Alkhanai” National Park for the warm welcome and assistance in organizing of the event!

The experience transfer to the regions of Russia is supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation.