Elena Chubakova

President of the GBT Association

I’m from Irkutsk. An ecologist, a biologist, a tourist. In the GBT I’m since 2002. At the beginning I was a volunteer, and since 2005 I am the head of the GBT. For me, the GBT is my life! This is stunning people, wonderful projects, beautiful places on Baikal! I love my family, my friends, I like to go on nature.

“Through the slid away roof, the stars are better visible.”




Eleonora Eryomchenko

Executive Director

In the GBT I’m since 2003. In my first projects I participated as a volunteer. During 4 years I had been the Russian coordinator of the international exchange program “Tahoe-Baikal Institute”. Since 2009, I am the GBT Project Coordinator. By education I am a biologist, and for me the GBT is a real environmental organization with lively projects and active people. The GBT makes it possible to learn new things, change lives and open horizons. My hobbies are mountain tourism, cynology, cross-country and alpine skiing, music, books, sewing.

“It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” “Gandalf”.




Roman Mikhailov

Head of Development and Public Relations

I’m from Angarsk. I was a GBT volunteer since the beginning of 2013. Thanks to the GBT, I completed a six-month internship at the Earth Corps in Seattle, US, gained a lot of experience and ideas. I love GBT and its people for all that they can give me, and what I can share with them!

“Everything comes in time for the one who can wait”





Roman Chubakov

Trail Building and Volunteer Specialist

In the GBT I’m since 2005. For me, the GBT is new people, interesting trips. I love outdoor activities: hiking, snowboarding, freeride, cross-country skiing.

“The best teacher in life is experience. To tell the truth, it is expensive, but explains intelligibly”





Natalia Tuguthonova

Head of Department on Work with Volunteers

I was born and grew up in a small village Yenisei. I graduated from Irkutsk State Linguistic Univercity. During my school years I had 2 dreams – to go hiking and to visit Baikal. In the GBT, where I’m almost 10 years, both of my dreams had miraculously come true. The GBT gave me not only the

opportunity to see the most beautiful places of our native land, make friends from different parts of the world and acquire a lot of useful knowledge, but also made me more self-confident, sociable and not afraid of change.




Zarina Mullagaleeva

Educational Project Coordinator

My name is Zarina and I am from Irkutsk. The GBT helped me to believe in myself, having tried my powers at something useful with guys from the GBT (be it a children’s outreach classes or summer projects), I was happy to understand “Mmm, I can do it!”. Now I do not want to stop, I think there are still a lot of things where I can be of help. My interests: crafts, ethnos, good books, hiking, Baikal, nature, meditation, skating, collecting coins, dogs, love of life!

“Every lived out day cannot be exchange and return!”





Natalia Ivanova

Head of Leadership and Trail Building Department

In life there is a lot of good, but over the years, even more is acquired. The GBT is a discovery in my life, it is acquired knowledge, skills and abilities. With the Great Baikal Trail, my positive qualities, the desire for knowledge, also develop. My hobbies are tourism and sport.

“I live to give joy. I live to create human happiness. I live to count the stars in the sky. I live to become a bird to fly. I live to feel, to love. I live in order to live! ”




Sophia Kocellina

Head of Corporate Programs

The GBT is the most unusual place of work for me, there are no restrictions for ideas. What seemed to be a “vain” proposal – for our team becomes a new goal, and we achieve it. Do you know what is the coolest? This is what our ideas, desire to help nature, promote PAs, make more interesting communication with the environment and much more – the participants of our projects are imbued with this





Artyom Berne


My name is Artyom. I am a designer, born and grown up in Moscow, I graduated from the Strogonov Academy there. In 2016, I first came to Lake Baikal as a volunteer for a GBT project, next year I came again, but as an artist to an Art project. I fell in love with the amazing nature of this region and decided to move to Irkutsk. Since April 2018 I have been working in the GBT as a designer.

“I am looking for beauty in simple things”.





Natalia Aksyonova

Financial Development Specialist, Managing Director of the Hostel “Great Baikal Trail”

I was born in Irkutsk. I love my city and Baikal very much. With the GBT, I discovered Baikal from the other side, as well as discovering constantly new qualities in myself. There are very good people here, a warm atmosphere, a lot of experience, ideas and just a cohesive team.






Denis Lemeshev

Head of Maintenance and Transport Department

I’m an Irkutsk resident, in the GBT I’m since 2018. I like what the Great Baikal Trail does, so I came to develop a new department. And also to meet new people.






Evgeny Maryasov

Coordinator in Severobaikalsk town

I first built the BAM, now – the GBT. I was born in Tomsk. I am a civil engineer, a manager of the sociocultural sphere, a participant in the construction of Severobaikalsk, an organizer of the Davan tourist club, a former director of the municipal School of Tourist and Environmental Education (STEE). The GBT is the main road of my life. It gave an important job, a lot of bright meetings, events and friends, a profession in ecotourism, shared values with my children. Participation in the GBT does not allow me to grow old. Everything that I had the best in life, including the GBT, is related to tourism.

“Happy is the one who has a favorite job”