The realized Presidential grant results

Dear friends, we are pleased to offer you a summary of the past implemented Presidential grant. We recall
that from September 2017 to November 2018, the Inter-Regional Public Organization, and then its successor,
the Great Baikal Trail Association for the Development of Ecological Education, Leadership and Movement,
worked on the implementation of the grant project “Preserving the Nature of Baikal through the implementation
of effective volunteer projects”.

The project activity began with the creation of new website and the conclusion of cooperation agreements
with the Protected Areas of the Baikal region. Descriptions of 2 winter projects and 10 summer projects were
posted on the new site. After the new 2018 come, we began to prepare the courses for crew-leaders, the “Initial
training of specialists in the trails construction and reconstruction and work with volunteers.” Visual materials,
posters, and handouts, brochures, were made for the courses.

From 5 to 14 February, we conducted the winter project “Baikal Routes” on Southern Baikal (Irkutsk,
Circum-Baikal Railway, Slyudyanka, Baikal Nature Reserve, Tankhoy Village) and from 5 to 14 March –
“Island in the Ice” on the largest island on Baikal – Olkhon in Pribaikalsky National Park. During the winter
projects, volunteers conducted educational classes with schoolchildren, developed new routes on PAs, worked
over mock-ups of information stands, helped in holding a music festival and repairs at school.

This year, 15 people were trained in the initial training courses for crew-leaders, 10 of them became
assistants of crew-leaders on summer volunteer trail building projects. The theoretical part of the courses took
place from March 22 to May 19. 113 study hours were read. The final stage of the courses was a field seminar
in the Baikal nature reserve “Volunteers as an important resource for nature conservation and help to Protected
Areas”. A section of the trail was built, the platform for the “Bird Town” exposition was cleared.

Traditional summer volunteer trail building projects took place on the territory of 5 PAs of the Baikal
region. 10 two-week projects were conducted from July 2 to August 20. Volunteers lived in camps, worked
over the trails and structures construction, participated in the arrangement of the camp and spent time together
during the weekend. At the end of each project, every volunteer received a certificate, bandanna and T-shirt, as
well as unforgettable impressions and strong friendship with other volunteers.

The final events of the grant project were the reporting seminars in the cities of Ulan-Ude (October 2) and
Irkutsk (October 26). At the seminars, the GBT fellow workers talked about the implementation of the grant
project, and the representatives of partner organizations shared their own achievements in organizing volunteer

Summarizing the overall results of the grant project, the following figures should be given:
– 358 people took part in the project activities;
– volunteer assistance was provided to 5 PAs of the Baikal region;
– 2 winter volunteer projects on the development of information stands were held;
– 10 summer trail building projects were conducted on the Protected Areas of the Baikal region;
– 15 crew-leaders and assistants for the trail building and work with volunteers were trained;
– 65 km of trails were cleared, marked, built and reconstructed;
– 3 seminars were held (two in the city and one field-practical);
– 1500 copies of “The GBT Messenger” were printed;
– 100 copies of methodological brochures were printed and distributed;
– 20 posters on banner cloth for the courses were printed

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