Result of this Summer’s Projects

The season of our summer projects has come to a close. All volunteer teams did a great job and have safely returned to civilisation. ?


As a result of two months of volunteer work this summer with the Great Baikal Trail:


– 1218 metres of new trail have been built;

– 2700 metres of trail have been repaired;

– 9175 metres of trail have been cleared of debris;

– Repair work has been carried out on the trail ‘Bolshiye Koty-Bolshoye Goloustnoye’;

– 45 metres of causeways have been built in swampy areas;

– 56 stone and five wooden steps have been laid down, as well as one wooden staircase with railings;

– Two new bridges have been built, and one has been repaired;

– Six stone and wooden structures have been built (‘turnpikes’, if anybody remembers what they are) ?

– Five water barriers have been installed;

– Railings have been built in three places along steep ascents and descents;

– Seven observation platforms along the trail have been built and expanded;

– One grass-roots trail has been closed;

– One campsite has been outfitted (a table and benches);

– Several large bags of rubbish have been collected from Baikal’s coastline.

Many thanks to our partner Specially Protected Natural Areas for their collaboration:

Baikalskiy Nature Reserve,

Nature Reserve Pribaykalye,

Nature Reserve Podlemorye.

We also want to express our gratitude to the En+ Group for their longtime support of our organisation and to the Presidential Grant Fund for their support of our summer projects.

Many thanks as well to ‘Baikal Calling’, international students from SRAS (School of Russian and Asian Studies) and ‘Siberian Health‘ for their work and contribution to the Great Baikal Trail.

And, of course, the greatest thanks go to our amazing volunteers of the 2018 season! You’re the best!

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