En + Group supports the GBT

The end of the year is the time to take stock.

In many ways, the success of the GBT Association was due to the support of our long-time partners En+
Group Company.

For 8 years, they have been giving us the opportunity:
– to carry out explorations before all field projects – going to the terrain, making an inventory of the trail
and tools, drawing up a plan for the project;
– buying fuel and other consumables for projects, making them much more comfortable and efficient;
– giving our volunteers memorable and useful gifts – T-shirts and bandanas;
– containing a decent and sufficient instrumental base;
– conducting outbound educational classes for children from village schools;
– printing GBT handout material for the promotion of our activities, volunteering and ecotourism;
– buying chancellery to provide efficient work of our headquarter – the GBT office;
– making business trips around the region and the country to transfer experience, promote ecotourism,
participate in exhibitions, seminars, forums, conferences, etc.;
– providing trainings for GBT fellow workers and volunteers.

We thank the En+ Group Company for many years of friendship and look forward to further productive

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