The GBT in Khakassia

A team of experts and a volunteer of the the GBT went to Khakassia with the transfer of experience!

We thank the State Treasury of the Republic of Khakassia “Directorate for Specially Protected Natural Territories of the Republic of Khakassia”.

Here the GBT team will stay from July 16 to July 20.

In the program: a short adapted course “Initial training of specialists in the building and reconstruction of trails and work with volunteers.”

Together we will explore options for building trails on the territory of the Uytag nature monument, which is located in the Askiz region of the Republic of Khakassia.

The territory of the nature monument “Uytag” is a picturesque mountain range located in the steppe belt on the border of the Uibat and Sagai steppes. A unique feature of the territory is the places of accumulations of fossilized specimens of fossil plants (including lepidodendrons, which grew in this area about 400 million years ago), located directly on the ridge surface