The GBT begins to transmit experience

The Great Baikal Trail Association begins a cycle of trips to the regions of Russia in order to transfer experience. The trips are planned in the framework of the project “Saving Nature, Working for People”, which received the support of a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Foundation.

GBT specialists developed a program of courses (112 training hours) “Initial training for crew leaders in the building and reconstruction of trails and work with volunteers,” using which we ourselves have been preparing leaders for our projects since 2005. We have already transferred experience to Altai and the Far East.

In 2019, GBT specialists will travel to the Kostroma, Novgorod and Arkhangelsk regions, the Trans-Baikal Territory, the Republic of Crimea and Bashkortostan. Currently, we have adapted our training program for off-site courses. The program includes an introductory part into ecotourism, technology for building trails, organizing and conducting volunteer projects, tools and safety rules for working with them, and an interpretation of natural and cultural heritage. The program is designed for PA workers, representatives of public organizations working with volunteers, local eco-activists.

The first departure of GBT specialists will take place in Valdai National Park from March 3 to March 7. The courses in the amount of 24 hours will be held from March 4 to March 6.