Springs of Olkhon. Khuzhir

Springs of Olkhon


Project dates: 3 to 10 September 2019 (8 days)

Languages: Russian, English

Place of project start: Irkutsk

Project location: Khuzhir Village (Olkhon Island), Pribaikalski National Park

Objectives of the project:Volunteers assist in clearing and refining of the springs on Olkhon Island.

Volunteer application 


Day 1:

Departure from Irkutsk to the Olkhon Island. In the morning we meet at the GBT hostel and go by bus to the village Sakhurta (MRS). Then we take the ferry to the island. We check in one of the tourist bases in the villiage of Khuzhir. Here we will spend the entire project time. In the evening we will get acquainted with representatives of the eco-tourism team living on the island. Before going to bed, there will be an evening orientation on the project: we will get acquainted with a more detailed program for the duration of the stay (what activities to be performed, with whom to meet, how we spend our free time).

Day 2-4:
Carrying out of works on clearing andrefining of springs under the guidance of the crew leader (brigadier) of the project.

Day 5:
Excursion to Cape Khoboy. We will visit the northernmost edge of the island – Cape Khoboy. This is one of the most impressive places on Olkhon.

6 day:
Work on the clearing andrefining of the springs.

Day 7:
The last day of work on the springs. In the evening, we will deliver project certificates during a final tea party.

Day 8:
End of the project.
Departure by bus from village Khuzhir to Irkutsk. After breakfast we will take a bus to Irkutsk. We will arrive in the city after lunch.


We provide:

  • Transfer by bus from Irkutsk to Olkhon Island and back;
  • Excursion on Olkhon Island;
  • Meals on Olkhon Island;
  • Accommodation on Olkhon Island (tent camp);
  • Crew-leader
  • Iterpreter
  • Group first aid kit. (Attention! If you have chronic diseases or you need certain drugs, please take them with you)
  • Products, as well as the necessary group inventory, tools, gloves
  • Accommodation in Irkutsk on the last day of the project.

We do not provide:

  • Sightseeing in Irkutsk;
  • Accommodation in Irkutsk on the day of arrival;
  • Visits of museums and entertainment.


Project Cost: 18000 rubles



The group has a crew leader organizing the work, and an interpreter providing communication between the participants.

Project work-load: You will need to sometimes carry a backpack with your own belongings as well as common products. You will make daily trips. Furthermore, during the project we will perform a variety of physical work.

Days off: We will have the opportunity to have a trip to the north part of Olkhon.

Necessary equipment: Please be sure to carefully read the FAQthe list of necessary equipment, and information concerning ticks.

Please familiarize yourself with the climatic peculiarities of the Baikal region in early September in order to choose the right clothes and shoes. At this time of the year, the temperature during daytime can vary between 0 and +20 degrees Celsius. Also, reckon with strong winds! Therefore, it is necessary to have warm clothes that are not easily soaked and waterproof shoes.

Accommodation and meals in Irkutsk: Accommodation in Irkutsk on the last day is included in the cost of the project (participants will be booked in the GBT hostel in the city center). Food in Irkutsk is not included in the cost of the project, because someone wants to eat in the dining room or cafe, and someone wants to cook in the kitchen in the hostel.

Volunteer application 

To confirm your participation please send us a scan of your travel tickets to Irkutsk to international-volunteers@greatbaikaltrail.org.

*Please take the time to fill out an application once you are 100% sure that you will want to participate in this fun project.

*Please also note that, if you do not receive an immediate reply from us within a week—or if you have any other questions about participating in this project—you can connect with us directly via the following e-mail address: international-volunteers@greatbaikaltrail.org.