15 years of the GBT!

Officially, the “Great Baikal Trail” turned 15 years old! Impressive age for a social organization.

It was very glad to see all the guests, of whom there were more than 100 people! Friends, partners and
volunteers for all the years of the GBT work have shared the joy of the evening with us.

For a long time we were an Interregional public organization, in the summer of 2018 we expanded – we
reorganized into the Association of Advocates for the Development of Environmental Education, Leadership
and Trail Building “The Great Baikal Trail”, which exactly received congratulations on the fifteenth

Detailed history can be viewed at the link: https://greatbaikaltrail.org/en/istoriya/

Many thanks to our partners En+ Group Company for the fact that such a holiday could take place, for the
opportunity to rent a room and organize an excellent catering. We were pleased with Daria Musihina, the En+
Group sustainable development specialist, who was able to personally attend the celebration.

We hope to see the same great company on the 20th anniversary!
See you on the trail, thank you all!

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