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0n May, 20, the team of volunteers from the ‘Great Baikal Trail’ took part in city planting that was carried out by our partners, charitable foundation ‘Give the Life to the Planet’ (‘Podari Planete Zhizn’).


A team of 9 GBT members took part in the educational training for voluntary forest firemen that was organized by our partners, non-governmental fire prevention organization ‘Otryad 15.08’.


Representatives of the Great Baikal Trail Roman Mikhailov and Zarina Mullagaleeva participated in first aid courses for NGO leaders conducting volunteer projects on the shores of Lake Baikal. The courses are organized by Live-on-Baikal and took place this past weekend in the town of Listvyanka.


“Great Baikal Trail” participated in the 20th anniversary of the international tourism exhibition “Baikal Tour,” which took place between the 29th and 31st of March at the Sibexpocenter in Irkutsk.


Second GBT winter project – «Ice-bound Island» took place on Olkhon island from 1st till 10th of March 2017. A team was consisted of 11 participants from Irkutsk, Angarsk, Usolje-Sibirskoje, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Germany, USA, China and France.


The Great Baikal Trail team composed by Roman Mikhailov, Natalya Ivanova, Igor Lagutin, and Natalya Aksyonova took part in the 10th anniversary session of the Environmental Entrepreneurship School held in Baikalsk from February 23 to 26.


The GBT volunteers started a new round of studying sessions. Last Sunday students from art school in Meget village together with the volunteers were trying to figure out why people can not listen to each other anymore, why they trust words more than actions, and why they can not see really important things.


The first winter GBT project in this year "Baikal Pathways" has ended on the 10th of February. During ten days crew of friendly volunteers from different countries was exploring new ways and travelling on the south of Baikal by trains, buses, foot and skis.


From 24 through 28 of January, GBT representatives Roman Mikhailov and Natalia Ivanova, took a trip into Krasnoyarsk to participate in a seminar about infrastructural arrangements in the area, the development of tourism and the environmental education. It was held in State Nature Reserve ‘Stolby’.


Last weekend five our brave volunteers organized ecological lessons for school children in Tankhoi and Vydrino villages.