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The Trail to Sandy Bay

In August on the territory of Pribaikalski National Park the GBT led the project “The Trail to Sandy Bay”. The project united volunteers from Irkutsk, Omsk, Moscow and Saint Petersburg, China and Germany.

In 2 weeks they managed to build 300 meters of a new trail working on a very rocky slope. It’s difficult to count how many stones were dug, dropped down the slope or laid as steps.

Volunteers were happy with their work because they laid the foundation of a new route which will connect the village of Bolshoye Goloustnoye and Sandy Bay. The trail will run along the coast what makes hiking there easier because of access to the water and also enjoyable with beautiful view on Baikal.

Living on the Baikal shore gave volunteers the opportunity to swim in the lake, sunbathe and enjoy the sound of the waves. The camp which was set up by volunteers was very cozy and a nice place. The volunteers built a table and gathered round it every evening and talked till dark, till the moonrise.

On Baikal this year August nights were warm and also there were three nights with meteoric showers. So these nights volunteers slept in the star hotel and counted falling stars. It’s good to visit Baikal in August, live on the Baikal shore, meet sun and moonrises. Help continue next year building the trail further that connects people from different places and different cultures and gives you real friends with whom you can spend the best time on Baikal.