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News from the north!

Great Baikal Trail’s northernmost project, nearby the Severobaikalsk at our trail between the Slyudyanskie Lakes and Ludar Bay, has just finished!
Its aim was the renewal of popular tourist trails to facilitate further development in educational, ecological, and responsible tourism in the Baikal region.

The team represented an international host of participants, from all across Russia as well as the UK, Germany, France, and Switzerland.
The transit project’s participants moved across three various camp sites and performed different types of work along 20 km of trails.

Two new pieces of the trail of 48 m in total length were built in just one day! Old inconvenient trails were closed down, litter collected from the shores, and steps re-erected for ease of travel on the shores of the Lake Baikal. In addition to expanding trails and constructing bridges, educational meetings were held with representatives of the ecological movement of the Severobaikalsk region, such as the School of tourism and Ecology Education. Local TV channel Aironnet was present to report an interview and further information at the conference.

We’re proud to announce the accomplishment of our project thanks to favourable weather conditions and the participation of all of our volunteers. From the city of Severobaikalsk the project was coordinated by Evgeny Maryasov, an experienced representative of GBT.

GBT projects are possible thanks to the support from our partners at En+ Group.