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The Land of Baikal Taiga

Timeline for this project: July 15-28, 2016 (14 days)

Project site: Russian Federation, Irkutsk Oblast, Pribaikal'ski National Park. Listvyanka - Bol'shiye Koty trail

The long-term goal of the project: Development of educational and eco-friendly tourism in the area. Annual maintenance of existing trails.

Potential workload on the project: The project is structured as a multi-day hike with multiple stops along the way. Volunteers will set up camp at each stop and spend 2-3 days working on the trail. Tasks will include clearing the trail corridor, building new sections, setting up camps and resting points, and installing signs and trail markings. The team leader can change the daily schedule depending on the weather and the condition of the group. The average working day is six hours, with a break for lunch.

Living conditions and meals: The project will take the form of a multi-day hike, during which volunteers will cover a total distance of about 24 km (15 miles) on foot. Please note that you will be required to carry your personal belongings, camp equipment and food throughout the project. At each stop, volunteers will spend 2-3 days working on the trail. Participants will take turns preparing meals over the campfire and looking after the camp according to a schedule of duties established by the team leader. GBT will purchase supplies and provide all the necessary equipment for the group. This includes tools and tents (one tent for two people).

Please be aware that there will be no hot showers on site, but it will be possible to boil water for bathing or to bathe in Lake Baikal. For those interested in perusing a typical food menu at our camps, please look at the example menu.

Weekend activities:A visit to the Baikal Museum and a hike to Cherskovo Stone is planned for the start of the project. At the end of the project there will be banya in Bol'shiye Koty and a one day hike to Skripper Cliff.

Physical challenges during the project: We will be travelling as much as 5-7 km (3-4 miles) along the trail. We will also be working with trail-building tools (mostly shovels and pickaxes), moving heavy logs and rocks or taking on other similarly difficult tasks.

Please note that you should plan to bring a medium or large-sized backpack with you, one that can hold the equivalent of 70 litres in volume. You should also bring a jacket for the prevailing windy and damp weather, along with a warm sweater and durable pants. Please also bring some very sturdy shoes, ones that are light, comfortable, and with a good tread to avoid slipping on the trail. We strongly suggest that you refer to our list of required equipment for you to bring to our project site.

Travel expenses and fees: The project begins in the village of Lisyvanka. Volunteers will meet in Irkutsk, and need to arrive in the city at least a day in advance (July 14 or earlier). A minibus will be chartered to take volunteers from Irkutsk to Listvyanka. The fare (including transportation of luggage) is 700 rubles one way. On the way back volunteers will travel from Bol'shiye Koty to Irkutsk by boat (800 RUB).

Please be sure to carefully read the FAQ, the List of Necessary Equipment, and Information concerning ticks.

It's very important for us to plan for the right number of participants in our projects. This is why we're asking for a deposit of 50 USD to be paid within two weeks of your application. This amount will be counted as part of the total project fee of 20000 RUB. It covers visa costs, project preparation, the purchase of all necessary supplies and administrative expenses. In case you decide to cancel, your deposit is non-refundable. Payment information can be downloaded here.

Note: if you do not receive confirmation of your application within 7 days, or if you have any questions that you would like to ask us, please contact our offices directly at: international-volunteers@greatbaikaltrail.org

Note: if you do not receive confirmation of your application within 7 days or if you have any questions for us, please contact our offices directly: international-volunteers@greatbaikaltrail.org