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The Great Baikal Trail

This is one of the first videos about the organization and the project Great Baikal Trail. Our projects are held on the shores of the unique Lake Baikal, the deepest and the oldest lake on the planet. The world experience shows that one of the only ways to preserve the extraordinary nature of the lake is to develop ecotourism. That’s why in 2003 we started creating the system of ecological trails.
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The volunteers from “Restoring an Old Siberian Watermill!” have returned! Ten volunteers from Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and various cities in Russia, including fearless crew leader Anya Gritsuk and translator Bella Rameueva, worked near the Baikal shore in the village of Buguldeyka from August 26th to September 8th. Chilly September winds were in full swing, but that didn’t slow down the volunteer crew who constructed a balcony surrounding an old, historic water mill. The balcony-floor is the first step in a vision to create a museum surrounding the mill and educate residents and tourists on the history of the Buguldeyka River – the “umbilical cord of Baikal”.


Since 12 to 25 August in Dzherginsky nature reserve the Great Baikal Trail project “The Stars of Balan-Tamur Lake” was held.
Eleven volunteers from different Russian cities as well as from Lithuania, Latvia and Austria took place in it, headed by crew leader Svetlana Buzina, her assistant Zarina Mullagaleeva, interpreter Daria Terpilovskaya, and ranger of the Dzherginsky nature reserve Alexander Emelyanov.